Holy Cross Anthem

CH. Filled with the ever-growing Joy of Living The love of Jesus our crucified Saviour and King We go into the world sharing His love, His Life, Bringing all people to serve the Risen Lord,

  • From the simple parish kitchen of Chavanod,
    The Lord chose a lowly humble maid.
    To bind unto the cross and make His love to grow
    Through a humble Foundation that she laid.
  • To the will of the Father in total surrender.
    We vow genuine humility
    The cross is our Book and the Cross will be our glory
    In the foot-steps of Christ on Calvary
  • Jesus poor, chaste, obedient receive our pledge.
    To live as true Sisters of the Cross
    Bearing witness of a life-time in forgiving humble love,
    Always faithful never counting gain or loss.
  • With our Mother Most Afflicted, we’ll pay the price
    Of her share in your Paschal Sacrifice
    By the work of your Spirit, we’live the Father’s choice
    Till in Heaven’s communication we rejoice.