About School

The congregation of the sisters of the cross was established on 21 st August 1838 at Chavanod by Father Pierre Marie Mermier also founder of the missionaries of Saint Francis De sales Annecy and Mother Claudine Echernier -Foundress under the able guidance of Mgr.Rey.Bishop of Annecy.

Form then on, the congregation made rapid progress opening houses in France. In 1886, the Sisters of the Cross were requested to work with the Missionaries of st. Francis De Sales in the Diocese of Nagpur .so on 25th of August the first sis missionaries leave Chavanod with sister Veronica Pollien as Sister Incharge .They reached Amravati in Maharashtra on 25th of sept. 1886. In January 1903 the sisters landed in Aurangabad . The sisters opened a school for the education of the children of the Indian soldiers .Later this schools medium was changed into Marathi ,the local language. In 1958 ,the priest in charge held a Diocese meeting and decided to leave the Sisters free to open a school of there own . there upon,the sisters started a Montessori Class in rented room in 1959. Sister Gwen Pinto took charge of the class and sister Marian Lobo went in search of place for school.together with sister ClaudineLobo .They came upon a military bungalow after a long search thi s bungalow belonged to mr.Green,a military officer .He vacated it on 19th march 1960.It needed repairs and renovation. Meanwhile the admission of new children for the school was taken in convent no.34 (Where Marathi Holy Cross School exist now) and the classes were held in veranda and rooms of the same house .in the first year ,there were over 150 children with a staff of three teachers –Sister Imelda, Sister Gwen and a lady teacher.

On 24th june the school shifted bungalow no. 12 . The school progressed by leaps and bounds and the Headmistress had a hard time refusing admissions as the bungalow was not sufficient to accommodate the growing number of children . Cardinal Gracias laid the foundation of the present Holy Cross in 1966. Both Primary and High School Students were accommodated in the same building. The number of students increased and the school building could not accommodate the growing number .So in 1992 a new building was erected (now Holly Cross English Primary School ) wholly financed b local funds . Yesterday we were here for the well beings of our students. Today we are here for the good of our students .Tomorrow we will be here for the future of our students .Our only desire is ,dear parents your cooperation and love. Wish you ,one and all God’s choicest blessings from above.